The Dos and Don'ts of Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating Dos

  1. Eat slow, chew often

  2. Honor your hunger

  3. Respect your body

Intuitive Eating Don'ts

  1. Rush your meals

  2. Ignore your cravings

  3. Constantly critique yourself

What shift are you making today?⁣

Start slow and approach this method with curiosity.⁣ Shifting from DIET —> INTUITIVE EATING is a process.⁣⁣ It takes patience, curiosity, and trust in yourself.⁣

With time, you WILL shift into this way of living that is sustainable, honors your hunger, fullness, emotions, and true satisfaction with your food mindset and body. ⁣

That is how to understand what is intuitive eating, and the way of living a pleasurable and content life, diet-free.

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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