How to Deconstruct Your Cravings

Craving sugar? Caffeine? Salty food?

Cravings are not necessarily a bad thing! They are not the root problem, they are caused by it.

So with that knowledge, it's possible to see that each craving is a message of healing for you. It's a sign to focus more within and get to the root of what your body truly needs.

Here's How to Stop Cravings Sweet and Other "Guilty" Foods:

Step 1: Acknowledge it.

The first step to deconstruct your cravings is to acknowledge them without judgement.

Step 2: Explore the craving.

Then, explore where they are coming from.

Here are some common questions you can ask yourself:

🤔 What EMOTION or PHYSICAL FEELING arises when I have a craving?

Emotional Eating is not the root problem. Release the power this vicious cycle has over you by asking yourself what will truly nurture you in that emotional state, instead of food.


It's not you, it's the food! These foods are mainly processed, and high in sugar and fat - as well as low in nutrients. They were designed and engineered to reach this "Bliss Point" that makes the irresistible. They were meant to be craved and they have power over you when you give into them!

🤭 Is this craving tied to a HABIT?

Do you always go for a sugary treat midday to spike your energy? Your attachment to this craving is a habit you reinforce every time you give in. Next time you're in this situation, pause for a moment before proceeding to make an unconscious choice. Then, choose to do something that will make you feel empowered in the moment, such as an energizing walk or dance break!


Cravings are not necessarily a bad thing, as I mentioned in the intro. Let's say you're craving chocolate before your period. That is a sign your body needs magnesium in the premenstrual, inner autumn phase of your blood cycle. A non-food related example: You're craving your mother's pumpkin pie. You miss home and that food provides you with a basic human need of connection and love. Consider this craving a sign to support your wellbeing - on an emotional, physical, and/or mental level.

Step 3: Proceed with empowerment!

Being mindful of the cause and conditions associated with your cravings allows you to proceed with empowerment, taking actions that are best suited for you.

So think about this, based on your response above in #2, what do you believe will help you surpass this craving's power over you?

Do a little investigating to uncover it by taking some time to journal and reflect. Then, share your thoughts below.

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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