The Vicious Cycle of Emotional Eating

Restricting yourself leads to rebellion in the form of emotional eating or binging.⁣

Have you been on a diet where you…⁣

  • Cut out carbs or sweets?⁣

  • Limited the hours you were allowed to eat?⁣

  • Limited calories to under 1,400?⁣

  • Restricted yourself to certain food groups?⁣

If so, then what happened?⁣

You rebelled after some time.⁣

And then you went through this vicious emotional eating cycle.⁣

vicious cycle of emotional eating

The vicious cycle of emotional eating:

  1. I feel guilty and critical of my body

  2. I turn to food to cope with my emotions.

  3. I get upset. "I shouldn't have eaten that."

  4. I get mad at myself for not having more self-control"

  5. Repeat step #1.

It’s not your fault, its diet culture’s fault.⁣

Diet culture is holding you to unrealistic expectations and stopping you from truly being in tune with yourself.⁣

Stop dieting, start listening to your body.⁣

Start Intuitive Eating and break-free from this vicious cycle.⁣

You can start by joining my FREE Intuitive Eating Challenge below.

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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