Make peace with food and your body!

Are you sick of being at war with your body and eating behaviors?

And do you catch yourself going from one diet to the next?


The more you restrict, the more you end up binging and emotional eating.

And those guilty cravings don’t go away.

Neither does the body shaming.


So if you’ve had enough of this wicked rollercoaster like me, it’s time to choose a health plan that sticks!


Welcome to my Intuitive Eating Method.


Before I go, I want to share with you that I, too was an emotional eater, frequent dieter, and held my body to unrealistic standards. Then I became a holistic nutritionist, studied the intuitive eating principles, yoga philosophy, and successfully tested my techniques on over 40+ women struggling with their food and body relationships.


In my Intuitive Eating Method - 1:1 Coaching edition, I will meet you where you are with your individual needs.


Some common things we can work on include:

  • How to stop emotional eating: How to cope with emotions outside of food and how to stop binge eating.

  • How to eliminate guilty cravings: We will explore cycles, patterns and emotions related to your cravings.

  • How to finally ditch the diet: I will show you how to make peace with food!

  • Healing past traumas with food and your body: Such as that from your mother or the kids who bullied you in grade school. :(

  • Mindful eating exercises: How to feel your fullness, honor your hunger, and find satisfaction in food.

  • Body love techniques: How to stop critiquing your body and learn self-love techniques.

  • Gentle nutrition practices: For a healthy food mindset.

  • Overcoming digestive issues and bloat: This can be done through elimination diets and digestive best practices.


The 8 Week Customizable Transformation Program

The standard client package is a powerful 2 months of coaching tailored to your food and body goals.

From me to you:


  • Access to my Intuitive Eating Course: As part of your coaching package, you'll receive access to my Intuitive Eating Course. This includes 8 weeks of pre-recorded modules, journaling activities,  food-based activities, community-based support, and so much more. 

  • My undivided attention: For all of our meetings, you have my full attention to ask me any questions and talk about anything personal, professional and health related that you need. It’s my passion and pleasure to help you discover the most aligned version of yourself.

  • My contact information: I'll provide my phone number and email for you to reach out to me with questions between sessions and for two weeks after the program finishes.

  • A holistic health evaluation: At the beginning, middle, and end of the program we’ll do an activity to see a full picture of your health and track your goal progress. Watch yourself transform in these 8 beautiful weeks.

  • Continuous session follow-up emails and plenty of resources: An outline of your goals and progress for you to celebrate and track as well as handouts, recipes, and articles when relevant.

3 things I ask of you:


  • Keep a journal. Buy a special one you’ll love to use for reflection of your emotions and symptoms, as well as to track your progress and take notes during our sessions.

  • Show up committed and motivated. I cannot work with you if you are not willing to help yourself. I hold you accountable and offer recommendations, but it’s ultimately up to you whether or not you decide to follow-through with your goals.


  • Have patience. With patience, you will reduce stress and start to see results. Developing healthy habits is not something that happens overnight. If you want to see results, you need to also enjoy the journey, not just the end goal.


Women who've transformed with me in the past:

Jesslyn Patel

Through Jen’s coaching program, the biggest intangible change that I have seen for myself is a greater sense of self awareness. I believe that I become more content with myself quicker because I am able to pinpoint my emotions and what I am feeling. She provided me the space that I needed to discuss my obstacles and challenges, while also showing me tools that would help me successfully face any of those challenges head-on.

Natalie Coslovsky Cohen


I've been on diets since 10 years old and I suffered from a lot of bullying and shaming in the past. I still bully myself sometimes. Then, Jen showed me another side that I had never met before: To listen to myself and honor my hunger and feelings. I understand that eating an apple or chocolate has the same weight and I just need to eat my food in a calm way and appreciate what I'm ingesting.

Noa Segev


I really enjoyed the coaching process with Jen and I am enjoying significant improvements daily.
I think her gentle yet assertive way of approaching self-growth is wonderful. She helped me recognize both my strengths and weak links in achieving my goals, thinking of new ways of addressing challenging situations, highlighting places where I am being too stiff towards myself, and reminding me to enjoy the process more.

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