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Yoga Class Offerings

Group classes

Online Yoga &

Sunset Yoga Tel Aviv

My classes are Ashtanga-vinyasa style combined with pranayama and meditation. They are open for all levels.

Private classes

Whether you're new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, I can help you get to the stage you want to be. I work with correcting alignment in posture and strengthening and stretching muscles for optimal health.


I am also able to create specific flows based on your needs for your home practice.

YouTube Channel

Meditations and yoga classes available here.

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Why I practice yoga

I believe that disease and injury can be both prevented and cured with yoga.


I’m also passionate about doing yoga for the soul and as a tool for wellness, by connecting people to the power of breath, movement, and change - helping them to become the best version of themselves.


I want to assist others to get to a state of just being. To be comfortable and confident with their bodies, their thoughts, and their actions.


Yoga helps me constantly work towards connecting to my higher self. For anyone else aiming towards this goal, I am here to share my advice through my yoga lessons.


I’ve taught all levels from beginners to advanced, including both slow flows and power flows - all of which have been dynamic and creative.


I'm happy to talk more with you about my group and private classes.

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My experience

I have studied yoga in India and Tel Aviv under two different trainings in order to receive a 500 hour certification through the Yoga Alliance RYT.


I learned the fundamentals of ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha and yin.


I focus my teachings on the proper alignment of all postures, in order to help prevent and heal injury, as well as consistently work towards deeper postures. I do this with similarly structured flows each class, which provide variations of difficulty for all levels.

I’ve found a holistic approach to my classes by combining ashtanga postures, flow, pranayama and meditation.

I’ve been teaching in Tel Aviv at studios, hosting sunset beach classes, online and YouTube classes, and I taught at a retreat.

I’ve also led meditations and workshops on chakras, free movement dance, and other topics.

I teach all levels from beginners to advanced, including both slow flows and power flows.

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