How to Stop Shaming Your Body

how to stop shaming your body

I took this photo a few months ago.

That day I was super confident because I was working out a lot and my anxiety from the previous weeks in quarantine killed my appetite for some time.

I posed in my bikini for a photo.

Scrolled through the pics.

Zoomed in on my stomach.

Immediately felt insecure.

And said, "I'll never post this my stomach looks awful!"

Just because I'm an intuitive eating coach and holistic nutritionist doesn't mean my body is perfect or that my body mindset is always love love love.

I'm human like you, and I have my own insecurities.

Now some of you are rolling your eyes, others are saying "Yeah that's right girl, lose some weight!"

Something is triggering you here no matter your response.

That is because our biggest insecurities come from within.

We are our harshest critics.

And it is our job to love and accept our bodies, no matter what shape and size.

I posted this so you can do the same for yours.

No comparisons.

No intentional triggers.

Just a message to banish your inner critic, connect to your body and be grateful of all that it does for you, even though you shame it.

Here's how to love your body and stop shaming it:

  1. Forgive yourself for the past

  2. Start respecting your body today! Choose the next best, positive thought.

  3. Focus on your health, focus on how you feel, and focus on being an intuitive eater. Because that is what matters. Not fitting into this unrealistic mold that society created.

And please, share your body love statements about your own beautiful vessel in the comments below.

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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