How to Make a Salad that Actually Satiates Your Hunger

Healthy Salad Recipe to Satiate Your Hunger

“Salads aren’t filling”

~everyone who doesn't know how to make one correctly. So let me show you. ☺️⁣

Salads are my favorite way to pack a bunch of nutritious and delicious food into one meal. ⁣

Here’s some loving tips to make yours complete and keep you full for long:⁣

1. Eat a variety of colorful veggies.

The more colors, the larger array of phytonutrients your body needs to grow strong and fight off disease. This also means plant fiber. Fiber fills you up. ⁣

2. Pick a lean protein to satiate your hunger.

Lentils, beans, tofu, these are my favorite.⁣

3. Choose a healthy fat like Tahina dressing, seeds, avocados, olive oil, etc.

Healthy fats will also satiate your hunger and your gut and brain function optimally with them.⁣

4. Keep the fruits out if salads make you bloat.

Fruits are best eaten in the morning on their own for most people (I have an earlier post about food combining if you want more info on digestive health)⁣.

5. Add some grains or sweet potatoes.

Get your healthy carb fix and hold you over for the next meal. ⁣

In summary: add carbs, fats, proteins, and plants⁣

What is your favorite salad recipe? 😋

Comment below.

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