Seed Cycling for Menstrual Health

Seed cycling is a method on how to balance hormones naturally for menstrual health

I’ve been seed cycling for almost 3 months 🥰⁣

This is the approx. time it takes to see results - To naturally balance your hormones so your periods don’t feel so bad, so you have less physical and mental pain, mood swings and energy changes. ⁣

I feel amazing and more balanced because of this. Last period felt like a surprise - besides greeting me at the regular day of my schedule. By surprise I mean that I had zero cramps, acne, cravings, and mood swings.⁣

Here’s how it works, although I suggest you do more research to be in touch with what’s best for you.⁣⁣

Pumpkin and flax, Day 1-14. ⁣

The moment you get your period, you have one, ground tablespoon of each daily.⁣

This is meant to help regulate estrogen during the follicular phase of your cycle. ⁣

Sunflower and sesame, Day 2-28. ⁣

Sunflower and sesame (I use Tahina), Day 2-28 (or until the day you get your period).⁣ Again 1 tablespoon ground up of each. ⁣

This is meant to help regulate progesterone during the luteal phase of your cycle.⁣

To be honest: It doesn’t work for every woman. However, unless you’re allergic to these seeds, it’s harmless and has no side affects.⁣ So, why not give it a try? :)

Bonus: How to Eat for Your Cycle According to Each Phase.

See this chart I follow religiously from Alisa Vitti, CEO of

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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