Dear Body, A Love Letter to Myself

Letter to Myself about Body Love, Body Acceptance and Body Positivity

Dear body,⁣

Thank you for allowing me to move and go places. ⁣

Thank you for allowing me to carry things, including my own weight.⁣

Thank you for providing signals of when I can go farther and grow stronger.⁣

Thank you for telling me when I’m tired so that I rest and restore.⁣

Thank you for naturally waking when you’re done resetting.⁣

Thank you for growling when you’re hungry.⁣

Thank you for finding pleasure in food that tastes good to me.⁣

Thank you for digesting that food.⁣

Thank your for going through other natural cycles that balance me and allow me to transform all of the time. ⁣

You are constantly changing and it’s beautiful to watch you.⁣⁣

You are so different from when I was a baby.⁣

Look at how large your hands have gotten! Imagine how much more they can hold! These hands can grip, these hands can carry, these hands can massage, these hands can write words so that I can express my thoughts on paper.⁣

And these arms, they can hug, bringing my heart closer to another soul.⁣

What about this heart that beats and pumps blood through my body, keeping me vital, keeping me alive? And oh how this heart beats so fast when I’m nervous, and so slow when I’m relaxed. ⁣

This makes me smile, a sign that is recognizable in all languages. My teeth begin to show, my cheeks grow and my lips spread wide. What a funny thing that this mouth both expresses my current emotional state and kisses and chews and begins to taste and digest my food. I love the many functions of this part of my body. ⁣

It’s close to the eyes. and these might be my favorite part. My eyes allow me to see the world. They are the gateway to my perception of what’s good, what’s great, and what’s beautiful to me. They bring awareness to my surroundings. They even look at all of the other beautiful parts of my body. ⁣

They opened for the first time the day I was born, and they will close the day I die, for good.⁣

And each day they open, each night they close, like I can be reborn every morning, like I can restart.⁣

So thank you to this body and all of its parts for supporting me. ⁣



Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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