I'm Craving Sweets this Afternoon, What Do I Do?

How to Stop Emotional Eating: Overcoming My Sweet Tooth

I’m craving sweets this afternoon what do I do?⁣

I check in with my emotions.⁣

I find out I’m super tired.⁣

I stop for just 5 minutes to pause.⁣

To rest my eyes.⁣

Because I’m busy working and that’s all the time I have.⁣

But this pause is important.⁣

And when it’s over I allow myself to eat if I choose to.⁣

I don’t punish myself or restrict myself.⁣

I have full permission to eat that sweet food, and I’m well aware of my emotional state.⁣

This is what food freedom is all about.⁣

This is how to make peace with food.⁣

This is one way to begin to adapt an intuitive eating lifestyle.⁣

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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