How to Improve Digestion: 7 Simple Steps

how to improve digestion: 7 easy steps

7 loving health tips to improve your digestion naturally:

1. Eat when you are healthy, happy and alert.⁣

Do not eat when you’re fatigued, stressed, angry, anxious, or sick.⁣

2. Only eat when you’re hungry, not simply because it’s lunch hour.⁣

Eat enough, but do not stuff yourself.⁣

3. Give full attention to the meal in front of you.⁣

No phones, TV, etc.⁣

4. Give yourself 20 minutes before getting seconds. ⁣

Don’t stuff yourself and cause your digestion to overwork.⁣

5. Rest after meals.⁣

Before working or walking, give yourself at least 10-20 minutes to relax in peace.⁣

6. Wait at least 1 hour to shower after meals.⁣

This will change your body temperate and can inhibit digestion.⁣

7. Separate food and drinks by at least 20 min.⁣

Water and other drinks have different acidity levels than food, so your digestion has to work extra hard to process these substances.

Please take these tips with a grain of salt, as we are all individuals with our own unique needs. ⁣

Are you ready to make peace with food and your body?

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