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My Wellness Journey to Self Love and Discovery

My Wellness Journey to Self Love and Discovery - Jennifer K. Wellness

In summary: I quit my job in Tel Aviv as a content writer at a tech company to become a health coach and teach yoga - and I’m starting it out with a three month trip to India, Bali and the U.S.

Here’s more info.

IKIGAI (a.k.a. how I found my purpose)

Last April I had my wake up call. I was co-leading a yoga retreat in the beautiful Sinai peninsula as part of my 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher training. My teacher led a manifestation workshop centered around IKIGAI, the Japanese model for purpose.

Through this I discovered that I was put on this earth to spread wellness, to help people become healthier from their bodies to their minds. I knew the tools I had for this were my yoga teacher training, my compassion, and my love for learning about nutrition.

I signed up for IIN (the largest nutrition school in the world) to start the process.

Quitting my job

I moved to Israel about three years ago. I did a masa program (five months of interning), I learned Hebrew on a kibbutz, and then I moved to Tel Aviv and immediately started working at Wix as a content writer for the Wix Blog.

I’ve grew up with a business-oriented mindset and creative way of thinking, which made this was a great fit for me. I was comfortable, I met great people.

But, I was starting to get burnt out living my passion on the side, teaching yoga after work and trying to start a health coach business.

So I finally gave in to my passions, and I was terrified - I still am.

But I’ve learned that fear is the only way to do this. I realized that if I don’t take the chance now, I’ll never know. So here I am, jobless and about to go on a three-month expedition.

Traveling to India, Bali, and America

I wrote myself a self-love prescription for this transition. It involves three parts and three months: India, Bali and the U.S. Some twist on Eat, Pray, Love.

I’m calling 2020 the year of love and good health. In order to spread wellness, I need to start from the inside out. This journey is meant to help me reach my full potential, providing transition time for self-discovery and clarity. I’m taking a break from my comfort zone to find this.


I’m completing my 500HR yoga teacher training through the yoga alliance, which will enable me to instruct vinyasa, ashtanga, and hatha classes, as well as correct alignment in postures and learn methods for preventing injuries.


If everything works out, I plan to go here as a chance to get deeper rooted in self-love and clarity. I want to meditate, reflect, and network. I also want to just be for sometime and let go of my own, engrained high expectations for myself.


I’m going home to see my family, especially the cutest niece ever to drop foot on this planet. I’ll be there for an important holiday, Passover, and my family’s big, annual, completely non-kosher seder! I’m looking forward to their support and love during this big life transition. (And, to be honest, for inexpensive organic produce and stalking the aisles of Trader Joes.)

Starting my yoga and health coaching business

In May I’ll be back in Israel to get my business going full force. You can expect beach yoga classes, more health tips and wellness consultations available for you to work with me 1:1 or in group settings.

For now, you can stay tuned in for more content about my journey.

Follow me on my wellness journey

You can keep up with my travels and everything I’ll learn and discover here:

Share your recommendations

I’ve never been to southern India or Bali. Please share your recommendations with me for healthy vegan food, hostels and guest houses, events, and people to meet.

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to connecting with you more. <3

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