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Body Shaming, Digestive Issues & Feeling Completely Lost

my yoga journey of how yoga healed me and the power of synchronicity

I know what it’s like to not feel comfortable in your body - in fact, I know what it's like to feel like crap in your body for most of your life.

To shame your body for not looking a certain way.

To weigh yourself every day from the age of 10.

To try tons of new diet trends.

To feel like the only thing people see in you is the way you look and not who you are within.

To have fears, lack of confidence, exhaustion and burnout always trying to be someone you’re not.

To judge your worth based on your appearance.

From a young age I treated my body with disrespect.

When I decided to start exploring what “health” meant I did things like cut out carbs, use artificial sweeteners, count my calories obsessively, and sweat for hours on the elliptical. In college I took this “health” experiment on a different route and got interested in a vegetarian diet, for both good and bad reasons. The good being to save animals, the bad being that I heard this would make me skinny. I did lose weight, as expected, because the diet was high in anti-inflammatory foods and my calorie intake decreased immensely, but my gut did not know how to handle these sudden foreign invaders that crowded it’s region: lentils, chia seeds, sprouted grains, and more.

A few other things got my body off balance.

I spent 10 years of my life taking prescribed adderall for my attention deficit disorder (ADHD), which played a big role in my social life, the degree I chose in college, my constant exhaustion and burnout, and my appetite changes - oh and it’s a pretty strong laxative too. So you wouldn’t be surprised that by the end of college I had horrible digestive issues and a heck of a lot of confusion surrounding my purpose in life. Three months after university ended, I had my rebellion. I quit my full-time accounting job, threw away all of my adderall medication, and moved to Israel. Problem solved right? Not exactly. The digestive issues remained. And the confusion remained. It took me a few years to get to where I am now: Certain about my purpose in life, confident with who I am and with zero f*cks about what anyone thinks, and living with a happy gut. (This is not to say i’m not still learning and growing, as I totally am every day, but I do feel so much better than the 10-year old girl with the first thought in the morning being to hop on the scale.)

Here’s what happened in those years that changed my life: yoga, nutrition and mindfulness.

  • YOGA - I became much more self-aware when I signed up for my first yoga teacher training. This led me to do things like slow down, recognize how my energy was spent and where it needed to be conserved.

  • HEALTH COACH - I invested in a health coach to heal my gut holistically.

  • STUDYING NUTRITION & HOLISTIC HEALTH - I turned my fascination of nutrition into a career by doing a health coach and nutrition certification program.

  • BECOMING A HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH - And, start coaching clients through self-love, digestive health, body shame, finding and living their deepest purpose, and gaining their personal power back stronger than ever.

Now I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and 500-hour Certified Yoga Instructor, but most importantly a lifelong learner. I view my past issues as learning experiences because they led me towards my passion: helping others heal, live their healthiest lives and gain their confidence back!

My coaching focus:

Just to add emphasis, I focus on coaching my clients through self-love, digestive health, body shame, finding and living their deepest purpose, and gaining their personal power back stronger than ever.

Is this relatable for you?

Shoot me an email and we can connect:

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