Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Want to change your limiting beliefs?🙇🏽‍♀️⁣

I have a short journaling activity for you if you want to get started.⁣

It involves breaking down each statement of negative self talk. ⁣

It involves choosing the next best thought.⁣

It involves creating thought patterns that move you in an upward spiral towards JOY.⁣

Journaling Exercise: Using the Emotional Guidance Scale to Change Limiting Beliefs


The primary desire in life is to align with the state of JOY.


1. Free write negative self-talk statements.

Example: "I'm never going to lose the weight I want." OR "I'm never going to find a partner who makes me happy."

2. Choose one statement and ask yourself: How does this make me feel?

3. Choose one emotion and answer the following questions:

When I feel "X"....

  • What are my thought patterns?

  • What do I say to others and myself?

  • How do I act towards others and myself?

  • What other emotions spring forth?

  • How does this make me feel in my body?

  • How can I be conscious of what triggers this emotion?

  • How can I change my reaction?

4. Choose the next best thought.

This next thought doesn't have to be JOY, but it should be a small step. Such as, moving from unworthiness to discouragement, or boredom to contentment.

See the Emotional Guidance Scale for Reference:

5. Repeat for the other statements you wrote until you start to feel your thought patterns change.

6. Practice, practice, practice.

Choose to focus on the good things more often. Celebrate what you've accomplished and move up the emotional guidance scale towards JOY!

Are you ready to incorporate self love practices?

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