Hi! I'm Jennifer, an Intuitive Eating Coach & Yoga Teacher

Make peace with food and your body!

Does this sound like you...

Emotional eating and binging?

Dieting and restricting?

Body shaming?

Like you, I was an emotional eater, frequent dieter, and held my body to unrealistic standards.
Then, I discovered Intuitive Eating! 


I became a holistic nutritionist, studied the intuitive eating principles, yoga philosophy, and successfully tested my techniques on over 40+ women struggling with their food and body relationships. 

Through my healing work, I was able to help so many others return to their bodies and see food in a more positive light.

So, I created the Intuitive Eating Method.

This step-by-step Intuitive Eating Method can heal your relationship with your body & food for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Learn how to listen to and understand your body's signals: emotions, cravings, past influences on your diet history (such as that from your mother) and so much more.

What do I recommend you try?

"I've never tried Intuitive Eating Before."

"I know about Intuitive Eating, but I need a structured plan to follow through with it."

"I need personalized support to honor my unique body's needs."


Supportive goal-based coaching plan to help you honor your body's individual needs.

Join the next group in my step-by-step Intuitive Eating Method to finally make peace with food and your body!

Restorative vinyasa flows and meditations offered in various formats: group, Zoom, and private. 

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What people are saying about my work...


Amelie Chevalerias


Jennifer listened to me while she put my goals into perspective. She helped me find balance and also find what was really important to me. She helped me evolve on an emotion level. I am able to slow down and develop my intuition. I also feel more empowered!

Noëlle Häuser


She was that one friend I needed during these confusing times - the one who reminded me that ultimately, my power lies in my own hand if I choose to take ownership and to trust the process while doing so, even if it meant to invite uncertainty to my life. I couldn't have wished for anyone else to help me initiate all these processes.

Natalie Coslovsky Cohen


I've been on diets since 10 years old and I suffered from a lot of bullying and shaming in the past. I still bully myself sometimes. Then, Jen showed me another side that I had never met before: To listen to myself and honor my hunger and feelings...to eat my food in a calm way and appreciate what I'm ingesting.

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