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Hi! I'm Jennifer, an Intuitive Eating Coach & Yoga Teacher

Make peace with food and your body!

Does this sound like you...

Emotional eating and binging?

Dieting and restricting?

Body shaming?

Like you, I was an emotional eater, frequent dieter, and held my body to unrealistic standards.
Then, I discovered Intuitive Eating! 


I became a holistic nutritionist, studied the intuitive eating principles, yoga philosophy, and successfully tested my techniques on over 40+ women struggling with their food and body relationships. 

Through my healing work, I was able to help so many others return to their bodies and see food in a more positive light.

So, I created the Intuitive Eating Method.

This step-by-step Intuitive Eating Method can heal your relationship with your body & food for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Learn how to listen to and understand your body's signals: emotions, cravings, past influences on your diet history (such as that from your mother) and so much more.

What do I recommend you try?

"I've never tried Intuitive Eating Before."

"I know about Intuitive Eating, but I need a structured plan to follow through with it."

"I need personalized support to honor my unique body's needs."


Supportive goal-based coaching plan to help you honor your body's individual needs.

Join the next group in my step-by-step Intuitive Eating Method to finally make peace with food and your body!

Restorative vinyasa flows and meditations offered in various formats: group, Zoom, and private. 

Intuitive Eating Articles

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Natalie Coslovsky Cohen

I've been on diets since 10 years old and I suffered from a lot of bullying and shaming in the past. I still bully myself sometimes. Then, Jen showed me another side that I had never met before: To listen to myself and honor my hunger and feelings...


Rachel Ridenour

I used to count, restrict, force myself to eat foods I don’t enjoy, clean my plate, binging and emotional eating...Now, I have learned skills that are helping me be mindful of my nourishment...I’ve developed a healthier thought process that I practice every time I eat based on my own instincts..

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Maya Armony

I felt super heard and seen in my coaching sessions with Jen! Jen is super insightful, patient and inspiring! I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to transform your body and food relationship!

Get in touch | Tel: +972.58.722.4611

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