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Twice Monthly

Wednesdays over ZOOM

New York 12:00 PM EST

Israel 7:00 PM IST

I believe that feminine community should be embraced more often. Together we can offer each other a safe and trusting space to connect and share, to express our thoughts and to grow and transform into who we deeply want to be.

I’ve created this community for us to explore our femininity and learn through discussions and activities about holistic health and how to show up with more confidence and awareness in our lives.


Find a deeper connection to a like-minded community and to your inner being through these workshops.

What to expect:

womens circles.jpg

Each circle covers a different topic, such as inducing the relaxation response, cultivating self-love, mindfulness/mindful eating, discovering your true purpose, aura cleansing, and so much more fun and love.
This is done through a mix of


sharing circles



holistic health and nutrition

and other activities.

Sign up to register and reserve your spot:
Signup to womens circle

~ About your host ~


My name is Jennifer and I am a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher. I split my time between Tel Aviv and the U.S.


My work is focused on motivating people through positive lifestyle and nutrition habits, spirituality, and their visions/business ventures. 


I work with my clients 1:1, in group coaching programs, yoga classes and I host several free events. 


Programs with me are transformational to help people like you achieve their professional and personal visions.

If you want to reach me privately, you can shoot me an email at

Client love:

Jesslyn Patel

Washington D.C., USA

Through Jen’s coaching program, the biggest intangible change that I have seen for myself is a greater sense of self awareness. I believe that I become more content with myself quicker because I am able to pinpoint my emotions and what I am feeling. She provided me the space that I needed to discuss my obstacles and challenges, while also showing me tools that would help me successfully face any of those challenges head-on.

Noa Segev
Tel Aviv, Israel

I really enjoyed the coaching process with Jen and I am enjoying significant improvements daily.
I think her gentle yet assertive way of approaching self-growth is wonderful. She helped me recognize both my strengths and weak links in achieving my goals, thinking of new ways of addressing challenging situations, highlighting places where I am being too stiff towards myself, and reminding me to enjoy the process more.

Natalie Wenigmann
Delaware, USA

Jen’s coaching was so valuable and informative. I developed a deep sense of trust and comfort from her yoga classes and the health sessions felt the same. You can tell she comes from a very grounded intuition which helped me get in touch with myself and my health habits. Definitely comfortable talking to her and left the session with more clarity and confidence.

Ariella Torv

Connecticut, USA

Going into my call with Jen I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I was not let down at all. I felt I really learned a lot and the advice/tips given were not intrusive. I have been slowly integrating her advice into my daily routine and am noticing a difference in my metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.

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