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IEC Module 4: Emotions & Food

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Emotional Eating Exercise

This emotional eating exercise will help you cope with your emotions without food. This exercise can be done in either meditation format or journaling, which is why I provided you with both options. Choose which option you prefer. You don’t need anything but a journal and pen.

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Module 4a: Emotional Eating & Binging

  • How to cope with your emotions with kindness

  • Discussion on binging and emotional eating, including common triggers

  • Journaling exercise: Emotional & Binge Eating Investigation

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Module 4b: Root Cause of Cravings

  • Functional Medicine Approach to Cravings

  • Learn How to Mindfully Navigate Cravings

  • Hormones & Cravings

  • Cravings Assignment

4c image.png

Module 4c: 12 Areas to Find Balance

  • Explanation of Primary Food vs. Secondary Food.

  • Measure 12 Important Areas of Your life

  • Takeaways & Mantra

4 Mantra.png

Takeaways for the Week:

  • Journal about your thoughts and feelings when cravings and opportunities to binge arise.

  • Reflect on what’s going on for you regarding your cravings. Then, kindly shift towards the activities that will allow you feel empowered over those cravings, whether it's nourishing food, or one of the other 12 areas of primary food mentioned.

  • **Reminder: The LIVE Q&A is coming up (Community Plan)**

    • The link and time are in your email and on your Course Home Page.

    • Please come prepared to this 1 hour session with any questions and insights you have about the first 4 modules. It's okay to still come if you have not completed all of the materials.

    • This is a safe space to discuss our journeys so far and hear from others.​ Therefore, it will not be recorded.

Bonus Materials for the Week:

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